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I partnered with Sundown® to provide and implement UI/UX design solutions for their new site. In the process, I helped redefine the brand’s personality, look & feel – which communicates the brand’s positioning to its customers in a consistent yet fresh way across each interaction and platform.

︎ Art Direction

︎ Visual Identity Design

︎ Responsive Web Design



Sundown’s brand positioning was changing and with that, it’s packaging and name were changing as well (from Sundown Naturals® to Sundown® Clean Nutrition). In addition, Sundown was expanding its family to include an Organics and Kids line. I was set out to design a platform that reflected the brand’s new look and feel, and to connect with people through a clean and fresh web experience.


I took a user-centric approach, learning about the user and how Sundown’s products fit within their lifestyle. I wanted my designs to match Sundown’s customer’s behaviors and needs. I also needed to fulfill Sundown’s brand team’s goals. Continue reading below to learn more about my process.


︎ Identify scope of project and brand’s needs. Recognize IT constraints and limitations
︎ Begin the research process: discovery, defining Sundown’s consumer base, developing competitive/comparative analysis

︎ Begin wireframing – working with current site structure. Showcase layout and hierarchy with lo-fidelity wireframes

︎ Gather UI inspiration and beging visual exploration: colors, typefaces, imagery

︎ Design hi-fidelity wireframes – including color and imagery recommendations

︎ Develop prototype

︎ User test

︎ Iterate on designs based off user test results

︎ Call out next steps for brand’s site

Art Direction

Sundown’s new brand positioning reflects the message of clean nutrition. In developing the art direction, I wanted to capture the essence of Sundown by focusing on insightful photography, clean design, bright colors, and fresh ingredients.