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The Lemonade Stand Project began as a way to challenge my design skills, practice overcoming creative block, all while serving fresh designs to the community through an interactive event. With my background in non-profit design work at hackathons, I value team work and time, understanding that both are essential to getting things done efficiently. Great design takes time and many rough sketches before production, however, sometimes the best ideas occur under pressure. Through The Lemonade Stand Project, I'm creating a fast-paced work environment where participants and designers are forced to focus on the journey of concepting and bringing ideas together. Through this process, we're experimenting with ideas and creative solutions that meet each participant's needs.

The Experiment
We're a collective team of designers, challenging our creative process through timed sessions with each participant. During each session we will explore the participant's ideas, help them translate a design onto paper in logo form, which may be used for personal contact cards, resumes, etc. But the logo is only a concept during this timed session, as great design takes time. After the session ends, the logo design will be shared on Instagram, creating a platform where a community of The Lemonade Stand designers and participants can interact. Curious to see your final logo design? Stay in touch with your designer and they will work with you furthermore.

The Lemonade Stand Project
Brand + Identity + Layout + Marketing Collateral